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You've likely just received your CEO of Your Life Assessment results and would like to unpack them with us.

We want you to get the most out of your Assessment results and feel confident with how to apply them to your business and life.


What You'll Get During Your Call

Step 1: Unpack Your Results

You will get a chance to discuss your CEO of Your Life Assessment results with an accredited Liv.Lit! Coach. This means that you will get the opportunity to understand more deeply what your results mean and how they’re impacting your ability to create the life you want

Step 2: Deep Dive Into One Domain

Together, we will identify one CEO of Your Life domain to focus on that has the biggest potential for transformation. This will give you the opportunity to immediately make changes that can have the biggest impact in your life and business 

Step 3: Create Actionable Insights

For that domain, we will identify specific actions  you can take that will get you focused results.  You’ll leave with a step by step plan and actions that you can undertake in the next 30 days 

This Is For You If...

✓ You're a business leader with success on the outside, but something's missing or not working well that's holding you back from having the life you want

✓ You're highly ambitious, have big goals and are ready to go after them,

✓ You're open to the idea of working with someone to accelerate your inner growth and outer success,

✓ You're committed to doing the work even though it can be hard at times, and

✓ You're prepared to invest time and money when you find the right fit.


Meet Our Founder, TraceyLiv

Tracey is a trusted coach to corporate and business leaders. She is formally trained in Psychology and Public Policy and carries ICF Coach Accreditation and certification in Conflict Resolution and Change Management. She uses coaching, psychology and spiritual approaches to create transformational breakthroughs for her clients.


Liv.Lit! Coaches

We have a few hand-selected Liv.Lit! Coaches we refer clients to who are ICF accredited and are living examples of people who are being the CEO of Their Life. They believe deeply in our company ethos and are dedicated to helping clients to succeed on all levels.